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"Appman begins… " - the next IT revolution 4 January 2013
AppmanOne of the biggest challenges the IT industry faces compared to others is the sheer rate of change. Just when you and the team have the latest technology mastered, it’s replaced by something better. The next IT Revolution is here and this time it’s personal.

Right now we are entering a period of real step change probably as big as when Windows PCs caught on, or the arrival of internet as an everyday tool. It’s a particularly ‘exciting’ time as an explosion of new devices and Windows 8 move IT off the desk and truly into the pocket, transforming the way we work.

To take one simple example if you have a link to office email on your phone you can receive and reply to an urgent email anytime and just as importantly get rid of all the junk and minor stuff in time that otherwise used to be dead whilst you are waiting for a bus. Next time you take a suburban peak time train (internet is now rippling through the Tube as well) you’ll probably see at least half the travellers thumbing their smart phones or tablets; answering emails, reading BBC news, listening to live radio feeds or even doing their weekly Tesco shop.

If you haven’t joined ‘Appman‘ & the rest of the smart mobile mob, it’s time to join and at least experiment a bit, get your office to try one!

But taking the office’s IT out on the street, as you might expect needs some care e.g.- making sure that if a device is lost your private files can’t be easily hacked.

On our website we have practical guidance on the issue of BYOD (bring your own device) and what needs to be done to use them safely.

For more information contact Phil Anthony at Co-Operative Systems.
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