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  1. Buyer: How much will these services cost?

    All services are free of charge to buyers and suppliers.

  2. Buyer: Can you work with our supply chain?

    Yes, SLPN regularly works with tier one, two and three suppliers for large companies that would like to improve supply chain diversity.

  3. Buyer: Why is local supply diversity an important corporate responsibility activity?

    Allowing local companies to compete in the supply chain builds a legacy of local regeneration in boroughs that are among the most deprived on the index of social deprivation.

  4. Buyer: What are the advantages of sourcing companies through SLPN?

    We save you time by sourcing and matching to your requirements. Local small to medium enterprises can provide value for money, innovation and a pool of talent that might otherwise be missed. They also address environmental considerations due to their low carbon footprint.

  5. Buyer: Can I meet local suppliers in the categories that we are willing to open up to new competition?

    SLPN can organise meet-the-buyer or meet-the- supplier events. We also facilitate seminars for buyers that are opening up certain categories for procurement to explain the procurement processes to small to medium enterprises.

  6. Buyer: How do I know that these companies are fit to supply?

    We are assisting our SMEs to develop business capacity through a range of business support activities including free workshops and seminars, mentoring programmes and one-to-one advice.

  7. Buyer: Will this mean I have to compromise on price, quality and service?

    We provide access to fit-for-purpose suppliers that we have personally met with to ensure that a certain level of quality and your usual due-diligence processes still apply.

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