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  FAQs - Suppliers
  1. Supplier: How much will these services cost?

    All services are free of charge to buyers and suppliers

  2. Supplier: How can I find out about business opportunities in my borough?

    Opportunities are brokered by the SLPN. When business opportunities arise that may suit your company, a member of the SLPN team will contact you.

  3. Supplier: How can I access the business support outlined?

    Please see our contact details on ‘Our Team’ page.

  4. Supplier: Can I access these services if I am not based in a South London borough?

    This project focuses on organisations based in South London. If your business is not based locally, the team will endeavour to signpost you to a relevant organisation.

  5. Supplier: How soon can I expect a contract opportunity once I have registered?

    This depends on our buyers’ needs. We will contact you as soon as we have an opportunity that is in line with your business.

  6. Supplier: How do I ensure my business is put forward for contracts?

    Your relationship with the SLPN team is key. Regular communication about your business and updates to your profile are essential to ensure we have the most up to date information.

  7. Supplier: What type of contracts can I expect?

    We cover a wide range of supplier opportunities across all industry sectors which range from small one-off contracts to large and on-going business.

  8. Supplier: How do I get my business onto the supplier database?

    A member of the SLPN team will meet with you to personally register your business. Please contact us to make an appointment.

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